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Dear Clients,                                                                                                                                                                      June 2022

Looking at the weather forecast it seems that sunny and warm days are here to stay for a while. But if you turn on the news for an economic forecast the headlines will most certainly read dark and stormy. We have remained steadfast in reminding investors to be patient through the economic headlines: gas prices, supply chain issues, interest rate increases, inflationary scares, and geopolitical worries. Each of these has had an impact on the market and your investment portfolio. As we continue making adjustments to portfolios we have conviction in the areas below, and are looking for a better second half to 2022 than the first half:

  • Equities over fixed income
  • Value stocks over growth stocks
  • U.S. companies over International
  • Municipal bonds over Treasuries
  • Publicly traded companies over private equity

We are also favoring tax-efficient ETF's as the investment vehicle for taxable accounts (non-IRA's). We have converted many taxable accounts to a comparable ETF model which helps investors accomplish two goals: (1) harvest losses; and (2) be more tax efficient going forward. We are putting new cash investments into this ETF model so let us know if you have some savings you'd like to invest and we'll work on an investment plan.

It seems there has been a lot of “money in motion” in 2022 including sizeable tax bills, real estate buys/sells, inheritances, retirements, etc. Be sure to keep us abreast of changes so we can update your financial plan accordingly and plan for things in advance.

Last note and something to think on: if three years ago you knew the S&P 500 would go up with an average annual return of 10% would you invest? I bet you would. Because that's exactly where we stand as of this writing at the end of June. It doesn't feel like it, on both your end and ours, because of the market conditions of 2022, but perspective can be helpful.

Enjoy your summer. We're here for you if you need anything.


The Riverfront Wealth Management Group
Kyle, Brett, Marissa, Jean, and Sierra

Dear Clients,                                                                                                                                                                    May 2022

As we approach the midway point of 2022 (can you believe it?) we were hopeful this market correction would have passed. Unfortunately, the market is still grappling with many of the same issues it started the year with. The Fed will continue with its rate hikes, inflation is still far above average and the world is watching Russia and Ukraine.

We are not standing idle. Our team is taking additional measures to ensure your portfolio is best aligned with ever-changing market conditions. With the consultation of our trusted economists and money managers, we have reallocated portfolios to more stable, profitable companies. Businesses with strong balance sheets and cash on hand should be able to withstand economic headwinds and continue to grow. Believe it or not, there are publicly traded companies on the exchange who do not post a profit. These companies are typically early stage and have an excellent concept, but have a product or service that is months or years from being at a scale large enough to be profitable. There is a time and a place to invest in these types of companies. Now that interest rates are on the rise and the fight against inflation is well underway, we believe the opportunity to invest in these companies may have passed for the time being. The strong will survive.

These are understandably unsettling times, but the key here is patience. We have said all along this year is going to test investors' patience. We have your best interest at heart, and will continue to monitor the economic landscape as it evolves. Our team's foundation is based on open and honest communication, integrity, transparency and the utmost professionalism.  If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to meet in person, please give us a call.


The Riverfront Wealth Management Group
Advisors with DA Davidson & Co.
Kyle, Brett, Marissa, and Jean