Our Process

Our Process

The Riverfront Wealth Management Group has a business philosophy that starts and ends with you. We believe the only way to provide trusted and tailored advice is by knowing you: your hopes and dreams, the stresses that keep you up at night and the values you believe in. We act as an experienced guide you can trust, to help you navigate through your unique financial situations. Our wealth management process helps you stay on track to reach your goals and feel confident in being able to spend your time on the things that matter most to you.

Our team is comprised of four professionals with a vast set of expertise, talents and educational backgrounds. As a team, we come together using each of these unique talents and specialties to build individualized wealth management plans designed with your goals in mind. Each member of our team will know you and your situation, and will be here as a resource.

Initial Meeting

Our process starts with getting to know you and for you to get to know us. We start by having a conversation about you—your passions, joys, hobbies, and family. We want to know what financial concerns and questions you might have. What are you looking for in an advisor? We discuss our team and how our process works, and by the end of our meeting, we will have determined what you are looking for in a team of advisors and if we are a good fit for you.


Financial Planning Meeting

The second meeting is the part of the process we call the discovery meeting. We ask you some personal questions that allow us to get a picture of your entire financial situation and understand your life goals and expectations. We take all of the statements and information you provide and organize them into a thoughtful and custom plan that evolves with your life. We come back in to review the plan we developed for you and create a strategy with a timeline of items for us to tackle as a team.

Portfolio Management and Implementation

Once we are in agreement with what your next steps should be, we implement these strategies. As a team, we run an actively managed tailored portfolio where we act as your fiduciary, this means everything we do, is in your best interest and all investments we choose for you are based off of knowing your full financial picture. The customized portfolio we designed specifically for you, works hand in hand with your financial plan and is aligned to your risk profile.

Each meeting after this, we refer back to these items on our agenda and financial plan. We review where we are at and if there are any changes needed to be made to your financial plan or add new items to our list of items to tackle as a team. We then review your portfolio strategy and determine if we need to make adjustments to your portfolio, to align with your wealth management plan.